Ramp up your helping skills!

Biblical Seminary is offering community education (non-degree) for those not able or not eligible for graduate education. It is a way to get a taste of what we do here. Starting next Monday night, Jenn Zuck (one of our counseling adjuncts) will be teaching an introductory counseling skills class for 6 weeks. If you’ve wanted to ramp up your listening and helping skills, wanted to see what we teach counseling students, or just wanted to improve your family relationships, you should enroll in this course.

By the way, the course isn’t just for your head. You will practice some new skills and you will find that your spiritual life will also be enriched.

Here’s the link for more info (flyer and syllabus): http://www.biblical.edu/pages/embark/about-us-upcoming-eventstest.htm


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2 responses to “Ramp up your helping skills!

  1. karenestelle

    Why must you taunt me so? 🙂

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