Do you have a must-experience christmas tradition? Is it one of your making or one you are continuing from ages and generations past? Do you wish you had one or wish you could get rid of one of someone else’s making?

Since we got married 18 years ago, we have traveled 17 times to CT and ME for Christmas. Many of these included travel on Christmas day? Sound bad? For us it has been a fun little time that just we share. And kids have enjoyed it as well. Pretty lame compared to other traditions I imagine. Our kids now have the tradition of 3 christmas times: once at home, one with Kim’s family, and one with mine. Works out pretty well for them I guess.

How about other traditions? Foods you must have? Movies you must see? Events you must attend? Sadly, I have few here. A friend brought over some of his Norwegian heritage. Its a bread with fruit in it and a brown cheese (gjetost?) to go on it. Tasty.

Well, enjoy your traditions and see you in the New Year. We’re off to the snowy north.


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6 responses to “Tradition?

  1. judi

    oh the thought of new england at christmas…sigh… hope you have a wonderful time there!
    as for traditions… christmas was a few months after ron and i first dated. he did not have a tree, and i thought he should. he bought a ‘charlie brown tree’ if i recall. actually made a tree top star out of tin foil. believe it or not, we kept that star and it still goes on the top of our tree.
    he also made me two ornaments out of eggs. he took the little hole punch cut outs, and decorated them, one for santa and one just with colored dots on it. one broke a few years ago, the other lives on. i think it’s the santa one. he is given special care.
    i wish i/we did have more traditions. i grew up in a rather tradition-less household, so all i can recall is stuffing and turkey, pickles, dates, figs, and olives.
    blessings to you all

  2. judi

    oh, about the eggs… they were empty, the insides were blown out.

  3. Lightbearer

    Watching “A Christmas Story.”

    “I double-dog dare ya!”


  4. karenestelle

    Some odd traditions have evolved in our family. We open all immediate family gifts on Christmas Eve and everything else on Christmas. It is the compromise Mark and I came to since his family does all gifts Christmas Eve and my family does all gifts on Christmas day. Every three years or so we, too, travel to New England. It is a LONG trip, but my kids love road trips. It’s a fun family time. We watch the Polar express every year, we make penguins out of black olives, cream cheese and carrots, and we have handmade ornaments that go on the Jesse tree every day of Advent. Oh – and this year we added one that is my new favorite: no Christmas dinner. Instead, an all day brunch. There are advantages to being without extended family on Christmas!

  5. All day brunch. I never called it that but I think that is what I do at my parents. Eat all day. Mom makes numerous baked goodies that must be sampled throughout the day.

  6. I make homemade cinnamon rolls every Christmas, which has become a tradition.

    I’ve started teaching my boys how to make them on account of not wanting my future daughter-in-laws to hate me! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

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