Deer hunting

Yesterday I had the good pleasure of walking in the woods with my camera. Didn’t get great pictures but enjoyed a game of tag with several does. Was hoping to see the buck who had been scraping off his velvet. Maybe next time. 

This little wood is an undeveloped part of a local cemetery in the middle of suburbia. Not much of anything, really. Yet, it gives me a wonderful experience: a great sense of quietness, light from the bright-colored leaves, the focus for walking silently and observing every little noise or movement, and connection to my younger days of going off in the woods to play or hunt for real.  It was great medicine for a Sunday pm irritability that I hadn’t been able to shake.

Does walking in the woods do something for you?


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5 responses to “Deer hunting

  1. judi

    walking in the woods does do something for me, as does sitting on rocks near the ocean. being in the midst of nature reminds me that there is a creator behind it all who just loves to play with color, form, and scent.

    i know when we go kayaking up in maine, i make a mad dash for the middle of the lake and just sit and suck in the silence. it’s just sooo peaceful to have total quiet around… it’s a stilling of the soul, that i don’t do much at all.

  2. jacqueline

    Walking in the woods reminds me of the love and outgoing nature of God. We have 6+ acres of land, about half of it is wooded. The brilliant colors of autumn always make me smile because I know He must love variety, brightness and vibrance. I am close to God when I am “lost” in the midst of the woods………..

  3. Amy

    Walking around taking pictures anywhere is good for me. Just give me a camera and I’m good to go. 🙂

  4. jacqueline, I’m jealous. I love the “lost” feeling.

    judi, I can relate. It does still the soul.

    I’ve tried to take wife or kids to those kinds of places but it rarely works out (especially with the kids). There is something about being alone that does it.

  5. Ron

    I’ll have to take you out paddling in a kayak sometime. Like Judi does, you can get “alone” by just paddling off to a distance; see the land and trees from a different angle; drift up on a loon or heron….

    One friend of ours went out with me on the Schuylkill a few years ago (sorry we haven’t gone recently, Bob!) just before a business trip to Africa. As we neared the end of the paddle–we’d had lunch wedged up in rocks and a fallen tree, and had just “been” for a few hours–he looked up at a jet passing overhead and said, “For the past few hours I’d forgotten I’m going to be crammed into one of those for the next few days.”

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