Worldvision AIDS Exhibit

Worldvision has traveling show that you might want to consider attending. Locally, a church in Bethlehem, PA is hosting this 30 minute narrated event next weekend. If you attend (free tix that must be reserved on-line) you will hear the story of one of 3 children as you walk through the event. Was planning on going but the website suggests not bringing kids under 10 and some of the stories should not be heard by those under the age of 13 (due to information regarding sex trafficking, sexual abuse, murder, death, etc.).

Here’s the link:


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3 responses to “Worldvision AIDS Exhibit

  1. Amy

    Heeeeeeeeeey…this is at my church–First Presbyterian Church! Plus, there’s going to be a service on Sun. Oct 12 with “African-style” worship, so that should be pretty different.

    Everyone should definitely check this out! 🙂 We’re building a whole village in the gym…very cool.

  2. Scott Knapp, MS

    I went through this exhibit last fall at CedarCreek Church in Perrysburg, Ohio….very informative and very moving. Well worth the time to go and have one’s perspective expanded or challenged.

  3. Amy

    My best friend and I went to the exhibit last night, and after I got over the disappointment of not being allowed to take pictures (it’s what I do!), I settled into the event just fine. It was interesting, informative, and well-done. Of course, there was a big emphasis on sponsoring a child, which is to be expected. While I know that $35 could make a big difference, I just can’t do that right now. I wanted to sponsor 20 kids after that exhibit was over.

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