Answer the question!

Here’s a thought. How about a small electric shock each time the candidates answer a question other than the one posed to them? Or maybe the audience could hiss each time they go off topic….


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9 responses to “Answer the question!

  1. Palin would have died by electrocution.

  2. Yes, they all would. Every last one of them answers whatever they wanted to answer.

  3. Scott Knapp, MS

    I would have liked to have seen a) John Kerry shocked every time he referred to his three Purple Hearts; b) Obama singed every time he says “change”; c) Bob Dole jolted for every time his commercials played on TV with him and his “little blue friend”, but not including the Pepsi commercial for the Super Bowl; d) Al Gore shocked….just for being Al Gore, and for every time he talked about the fictitious Social Security “lock box”, or any other time he looked into the camera and addressed America like we all had IQ’s of 30!

  4. judi

    i like that idea, phil! i’d like to shock obama every time he says ‘uh…’ or palin when she talks about small town america… and oh yes, please shock biden every time he smiles that large, ingenuous smile of his… come to think of it, just shock the whole lot of them…!

  5. Same goes for when they twisted the truth or took something out of context. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.

  6. Amy

    I cannot imagine the pressure of debating another person on live television…especially when you have to watch every word you say or you’ll be accused of “blowing it” for the entire campaign.

    Besides, the questions are so long…!!! When I do interviews if I make a rambling tangent a question, people forget what they’re answering.

  7. John

    Yes it is annoying but could any of us really do any better? We complain about politicians but there are very few of us who would ever consider the task. Why do they all seem to be this way? Because they have a game to play. Because they have to take every chance they can get to win us.

    I half think I watch debates just to see who will slip up or which ridiculous quotes we’ll be seeing in satires or on SNL. We all know who we’re going to vote for. If we are on the fence it won’t be watching the debates that settle it. It will be from talking with friends, parents, instructors, whoever. Most likely not the smiling faces in the box.

    Is this how we should be acting as Christians? I know there is a place for having fun with it, but one of these candidates is going to be our president. The person God has chosen to set in authority over our nation. Shouldn’t we choose our candidate in love rather than reject the opposition in hate?

  8. John, You raise a good point about how we choose candidates. Not sure that we still can’t be irritated by their behavior nonetheless.

  9. Amy

    I’m actually more irritated by the behavior of pundits, media, and some friends than I am by the behavior of the candidates…especially people who think I’m horrible for choosing to support the candidates I support. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. Too many people let this election divide friendships (I had a friend tell me that we couldn’t be friends anymore because I am volunteering for the “enemy’s” campaign). At the end of the day, it’s *just* politics. When everything’s said and done, everyone’s going to have to come together again…and we should. We won’t get anything done if we’re ALWAYS arguing and putting down.


    Personal slams and dirty tactics–no.

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