If I wasn’t a psychologist…

I think I’d like to run a mission oriented suburban farming coop. Here’s the idea: Get a block of neighbors to agree to use space in their back yards for small 10×10 gardens. Each family that participates agrees to let the coop manager plant and cultivate small organic gardens. One family would have tomatoes, one would grow squashes, another would grow cukes, another peppers, etc. All the families would have to do is agree to let the manager use their water. If they wanted to participate in the weeding and care of the plants then they would get free produce when it arrived. Once the produce arrived, it would be offered for a “suggested donation” which would be far below grocery store price. The benefit to the neighbors and anyone else coming by would be that they could have access to “locally grown, organic, low-cost, very fresh produce” for their family. Such savings on the produce could be calculated showing that the coop is helping to keep the money of the community in the community.

Now, here’s the kicker. The “suggested donation” would not only cover the costs of growing the produce but allow for a small profit to be used entirely for missions work in an impoverished community, whether in the city or in another country. So, the food we would get for a donation would actually be working to feed individuals in another location.

Okay, so I’ve spent too much time daydreaming this summer…

What visions have you had that would take you in another direction?


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5 responses to “If I wasn’t a psychologist…

  1. Amy

    If I could, I would totally be a photographer for National Geographic. 🙂

  2. Scott Knapp, MS

    Phil, you meant “co-op”, right? A “coop” is where you raise chickens! (four years of FFA) 🙂

  3. oops. co-op is correct. No coops please.

  4. judi

    ooo, i might follow amy around as a photographer for national geographic!!! when i was in africa and in india, i saw scenes that seemed like i was stepping in to a national geographic. so many classic pictures, so many photo ops, so little time…

  5. Jen

    If I wasn’t a lawyer… something creative! I wonder if it’s a looming mid-life crisis that I now want to run a graphic design business. Or make candles and soap…

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