Not your grandparents’ country store catalog

Yesterday we received a catalog for a country store. I’m familiar with this country store catalog as it is well-known in New England. So, I flipped through it for old-times sake. Looks like they are selling the same things as when I was a kid. Muumuus of all kinds. Several pages, in fact. Then there is the udder balm creams farmers swear will solve your cracked hands problem. Comfy slippers, pickled veggies, old-timey candies, and those little plastic bonnets for your serving bowls when you want to place them in the frig.

Then I turned the page and WHOA…two pages entitled, “intimate solutions.” Creams to enhance pleasure, to lift the breast, and even things that need batteries.

I guess they’ve determined that their target audience (boomers interested in ordering things that remind them of their grandparents and life as a kid?) might also want to enhance intimacy and yet only have the delivery person see that they are ordering from a quaint country store.

Times, they are a changin.


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5 responses to “Not your grandparents’ country store catalog

  1. Amy

    We definitely live in a highly sexualized society. I mean, wow, you should have seen Miley Cyrus on “American Idol Gives Back”. You might’ve been tempted to turn off Radio Disney once and for all. From 15 year-old girl to 70 year-old men, everyone wants to have SEX and be SEXUAL. While I admit that human beings are sexual and there’s nothing wrong with that, all things should be tempered under God. It’s ridiculous! What’s a purity-minded young lady to do?

    And, Phil, I really didn’t need to think about old people and their “intimate solutions”! 🙂

  2. judi lemay-lusk

    i’m familiar with that catalog and find it rather surprising that they’ve …uh… extended their catalog to more earthy things…

    i am planning on going north next month, forgot where the store was located… hhhmmm…

  3. Anne

    Schnikeys! I’ve finally been able to stop the Victoria’s Secret mailings and the raunchy postcards from our local radio stations, and now I have to worry about the Vermont Country Store catalog? What’s next? Viagra ads in Highlights magazine?

    Do you suppose they have these new products on display in the store, too? (Between the penny candy and the flannel nightgowns, perhaps?!) In the past we’ve made biennial pilgrimages to the Weston store, but maybe we’ll just skip it this year and head on up to L.L. Bean. Hmm. Maybe I’d better check to see what they have for sale these days …

  4. judi lemay-lusk

    anne, i think i will curl up and die if LLBean, my very favorite store, gets into marketing ‘adult toys’…

  5. Ron

    [Tempted to post a made-up page of a future LLBean catalog, he thinks better of it and heads home for dinner.]

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