Short sleeves

My 8 year old has a thing about short sleeves. He wants to wear them all the time, whether the high temp. will be 20°F or 80°F. For awhile we had a rule, if the high temp is going to be less than 50 then he has to wear long sleeves. But we’ve given up that rule because we’d prefer his chilly arms over his moaning and groaning. Seems other kids wear tank tops to 2nd grade all winter.

Not sure why he has this fixation. Anyway, this morning I come to the breakfast table with a shortsleeve shirt for the first time this Spring. His first words, “Finally, you’re wearing short sleeves.” No joke.

Not sure which is more interesting to me: the fact that he knows this is the first short sleeved shirt I’ve worn since last Fall or that his fixation isn’t merely limited to what he wears.


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6 responses to “Short sleeves

  1. I fully identify with your son. He is not alone in his dislike of long sleeves. I very rarely wore long sleeves until I was in my 30’s and then only with the sleeves rolled up. I’m much better now and wear long sleeves just about whenever it’s cool out, provided the sleeves are baggy, the cuffs loose, and the material cotton. (In my case it might have been and still may be a mild form of a sensory processing disorder.) And yes, I usually knew who was and wasn’t wearing long sleeves. At times I did feel “odd man out” when everyone was wearing long sleeves and I wasn’t.

  2. eclexia

    Too funny. We live in Florida where short sleeves are the norm year round, but my 12 year old wears long sleeves much of the year.

    For him, it’s a different sensory processing issue than what Bob talked about. He feels more secure when he’s “wrapped up”, be it a sweatshirt or blanket. Plus, the extra weight of heavier clothes helps him feel more grounded, which is a help for the balance (lack of) sensory issues he’s got going on. And with the extra layer between his skin and everybody else, he doesn’t feel so easily bumped off kilter when people brush up against him as people are wont to do in the course of life.

    It’s extra funny, though, that your son doesn’t just care about what he wears, but is keeping tabs on you, too 🙂

  3. beagle79

    Tons of kids(teens) in my neighborhood walk around in sweatshirts when it snows

  4. Amy

    3/4 sleeves for when it’s cold, short sleeves when it’s cool, and tanks when it’s hot, and humid. Long sleeves ONLY when it’s REALLY cold. I do the whole “layers” thing and love to rock my sweaters (which always have zippers or buttons…they’re like “jackets”). I love that you have allowed your son to have a personal style preference though…too cute. 🙂

  5. Great comments folks. I failed to mention that my older son has to be wrapped in a blanket to watch TV, even if it is 90 degrees. He cannot be hot enough for his taste.

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