Poking fun at yuppies and people trying to be hip

There is a very popular website on WordPress that pokes fun at the things yuppies like (e.g., bottled water, coffee, Whole Foods, graduate education in the humanities, etc). The site is mistitled: Stuff White People Like. It would be better to see it as poking fun at suburban/urban people trying to be upper-middle class and hip. One of the best posts is a sarcastic view of graduate education in the humanities to make us feel smarter than others (second best, in my opinion, is a tie between the post on drinking bottled water and the post on worshipping at Whole Foods). 

Be warned that while the posts do not have offensive language, the comments attached seem to contain much meanness and coarse language. Skip that part.     


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3 responses to “Poking fun at yuppies and people trying to be hip

  1. Scott Knapp, MS

    Shucks! Too bad this post didn’t come a little earlier this morning! I saw a link at the bottom of that web page called “Do you think you deserve a PhD?” Although I took the little test, I just pulled the trigger on an application to my local university to get into their PhD program in counselor education/supervision. OMG…AOL just notified me that I’ve got mail…what if it’s from that website and they tell me, based on my responses, I DON’T DESERVE a PhD? Then I’ve wasted my $45 application fee (sob!). AAARRGH!!!! One dispirited white man here! 🙂

  2. I had the same thought about that page. I even told people it should be called “stuff northeastern liberals like”

  3. Yeah, good description. Probably good for both coasts.

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