The plight of Genarlow Wilson: Should we really loose laws protecting minors from sex?

Heard a story this am on Tom Joyner’s morning radio program. Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks) was bringing attention to the story of Wilson’s 10 year prison sentence for consensual oral sex with a 15 year old. Wilson was then 17 (for a website, see: A videotape helped seal the deal. He is now (unless the governor or the GA State Supreme Court intervenes) forever a sex offender. In GA, children under 16 are considered unable to give consent, even to another minor. So, teens having sex is/was criminal. Unfortunately, their laws aren’t very specific, so Wilson gets treated the same as a 50 year old doing the same act on a minor.

That’s not good. A one size fits all legal code turns salvagable people into sex offenders. So it seems that folks are petitioning to change laws in several states (GA already has for future crimes). What gets me is that while the law/punishment is not right, neither is saying, kids will be kids. I’m concerned that we aren’t taking stock of how WE helped develop a society that says freedom of speech (putting sex and sexual situations on TV, allowing unfettered access to sex on the web to whomever has the ability to click a mouse) is more important than protecting children. Seems if something is really bad for an individual and has dire consequences for minor who we want to protect, its not wrong to educate our boys and girls that minor sex is not only unhealthy (we have ample evidence of the mental health consequences for girls having early sex) but unlawful. If we loose the laws, then we will also make it easier for predatory teens to get away with their actions as well.

A heartbreaking story for every angle…

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