Obsessed with looks

Overheard my 1st grader (Jared) while he was getting dressed. He decided to dress “like a man” this morning, khakis, button down shirt and clip on tie. Real handsome. But, here’s what I heard, “I hope Madison will like me.” Madison is a cute little girl in his class. I got to thinking. Its so amazing how early we learn that its our exterior that matters. Somehow, we believe that how we talk, dress, etc. will determine whether others like us. I asked him if he thought Madison liked him based on what he wore. Of course, he knew the answer was negative. But just like Jared, even though we know the exterior is only window dressing but we can’t seem to shake the belief that we have to impress others with our exterior in order to be liked, to be important. What a shallow people we are…

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