School Starts!

Orientation today and time to meet the new cohort and see their bright faces and anxious hearts. The Fall always energizes me because of new beginnings and the crisp air outside. If only the leaves were as pretty as in New England and the Red Sox were in the hunt for October, things would be just right…

Can’t wait to start my course Helping Relationships on Monday. I love teaching this intro class as it refreshs my own counseling skills and reminds me that great counseling is not about my knowledge but about facilitating another’s connection to God. It reminds me that I do not have to be the sage nor am I in the driver’s seat (I’m not the Holy Spirit). When I remember these things, I can allow others to go at a pace that is right for them.

Soon, I will post some thoughts as to what is biblical counseling and where it could stand some growth and change.

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