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The benefits of grading

Believe it or not, not all of grading is drudgery. It can be if you have to read 20 papers summarizing the same stuff. But, reading response papers actually teaches the professor. You learn what the students actually heard, you see connections even you failed to make, and more.

We faculty groan when we grade, but mostly because we want what the students already have–an end to the semester.

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The danger within the professor’s office

No, I’m not talking about the danger of dying from a collapsing pile of clutter. Consider this quote:

The desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world.

I read this quote from John le Carr√© in Larry Michael’s Spurgeon on Leadership(p. 29; Kregel, 2003) and thought it applied nicely to counselors and professors as well as to pastors. We need to be out there interacting in the real world if we want to be effective in our teaching, pastoring, and counseling. While the desk¬†provides some distance that may help objectivity, sitting too long leads to arrogance, listening to our own kind, and the loss of realism.


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