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How often do you change your look?

I know a certain famous speaker/counselor who looks different every time I see him. Long hair, shorter hair, big mustache, no mustache. His clothes are always changing too–usually in rather hip duds. He seems comfortable with personal change.

I, on the other hand, do not. I like sitting in the same section at church or a classroom. I like my messy desk to stay the same (I know where stuff is!). And I still like wearing classic jeans and don’t think the baggier look is all that great a look for me.

But last week I changed my hair style–something I’ve done about 3 times in my life. Had the no part, dutch boy bangs from high school til after seminary (with both long and short hair styles. Then I went to the part on the side til last week (about 15 years). But, my genes destine me for hair loss (probably ending up in that wonderful horseshoe pattern) and so I went to get my hair cut last week and asked if there were other styles that would make my hair look less thin (besides the comb forward, the wraparound, etc.) and came out with a new ‘do.

Did I tell you I don’t like change? It took me several days to actually look at it in the mirror. If I didn’t look, then maybe it wasn’t really a change. But my friendly coworkers “helped” by making numerous comments–helped in that sort of exposure therapy kind of way.

Here’s what I learned about myself. I like changes in activities and in food, but I don’t like to mess with style or habit. What does this mean about me wanting to have style or look always the same (a battle I’m losing on several fronts) or my counselor friend who is always changing his look? I think it is somehow attached to laziness for me. I don’t want to have to think about hair or clothes, ever!

Which kind of person are you? Hip to change? Wanting to stay the same?


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