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What’s on your nightstand?

Books that is. What books are you reading/recently read that you really enjoyed?

Here’s my list:

1. Robert Lacey’s Inside the Kingdom. A book about the royal Saudi family and the world of Saudi Arabia. Nicely done! Discusses the US/Saudi relationship, Bin Laden, the plight of women.

2. Robert Lacey’s The Year 1000. Since I liked #1 I got out this book published in 2000. Tells of what we know about life in England or Engla lond in the year 1000.

3. Janet Soskice’s Sisters in Sinai. What a great book about Scottish twins who brought to light one of the oldest Palimpsests of the Gospels. Well written and takes you right to the mid to late 1800s and how these women succeeded in a world ready to ignore them. You will not be able to put it down! Nice to see these women getting their due.

4. Mike Emlet’s CrossTalk. A great book about using the bible in personal ministry so as to connect the text to people’s lives and vice versa.

5. William Struthers’ Wired for Intimacy. Haven’t finished this one but it is about how porn impacts male brains. Written by a Wheaton College prof (not one that I have met).

6. Finally, G Campell Morgan’s The Gospel of John. Gift for my birthday. It is not dry a boring as you might expect a commentary to be. Very devotional.


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