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Speakers vs. teachers?

At AACC National conference in Branson this week. Good to see a number of old friends and colleagues. Have heard a few good ideas as well. At conferences like these there are plenary and breakout sessions where I can get continuing education. The plenary sessions include widely known individuals and the breakouts may also feature well-known counselors as well as “regular” people like me.

Here’s what I notice when I come to a place like this: there are speakers and teachers and usually a person is either one or the other. The speaker is someone who often displays a great sense of humor, knows how to tell stories, and can move and motivate the audience with information that may not be that new but is packaged in a captivating way. Teachers, on the other hand, tend to deliver new content, provide step-by-step description of interventions and give the audience some new way to think or act. Now, teachers can motivate and be humorous and speakers can deliver new content. But commonly these two types of speakers are very different in style.

Have you noticed this difference in conferences you attend and do you gravitate to one more than the other?


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