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Feeling judgmental about Eliot Spitzer?

Its easy to do…here’s a man who knows all the ins and outs of money laundering tactics since he used them to prosecute many criminals in his previous job. He’s also taken down several prostitution rings. He has daughters and ought to think about how he would feel if they engaged in this behavior. He has a long marriage and ought to think about she has been so violated.

He knows better and yet he spent thousands of dollars over a long period of time pursuing sex with prostitutes. And we are tempted to think judgmental thoughts. How could he… Serves him right…

But Jesus says that if you have engaged in desiring and lusting after someone not your spouse, you are just as guilty as Spitzer. That’s a hard teaching. We know secret thoughts don’t have the same consequences as actions and yet everyone starts down the path from the same place.

What his tragic story should encourage us to do is to be sober about our own deceptive thoughts and desires, pray for his family, thank God for the cross and the offer of forgiveness, and endeavor to say no to sin and yes to love of others.


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