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Changing your spending habits?

Given the Wall Street/Credit crisis that impacts us all (but not yet fully clear how many different ways it will do so), are you changing your spending habits at this time? If so, how?

From my observations (and they are only anecdotal) I see little changes. When gas went over 4 bucks a gallon, I didn’t notice any drop in traffic on the road. Now that everyone’s investments have shrunk in the last few weeks and a portion of the country has gone belly up on their mortgages, are those of us who aren’t in bankruptcy changing what we do?

We’re told it is a crisis and I believe it is. But what is changing about how you spend your money? I’ve heard the stories of how the great depression and WW II changed how people ate, how they lived. My mother-in-law tells of the garden they had to feed the family, of how they had to burn furniture in the stove to heat the house.

Do you believe it will come to this for a large portion of the country?

How are you changing your spending habits now?

How much time are you spending worrying over your economic future?


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