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Sexual Harassment vs. Bullying: Which is worse?

In my latest edition of the Monitor on Psychology magazine (39:5/2008) I read an article about worker well-being. In it the writer describes a recent conference on the topic and some of the data discussed. One piece of research suggests that workplace bullying, “such as belittling employees and persistently criticizing their work, harms employees more than sexual harassment.” (p. 26)

Aparently a review of 110 studies reveals that people who are bullied and have interpersonal conflict are more likely to quit, be less satisfied and have lower sense of wellbeing. Both sexual and emotional harassment are bad, but this researcher suggests that aggression has more severe consequences.

Is it that bullying is worse or that it is more prevalent and harder to detect and so it lasts longer?

Which do you think is worse to experience? No matter your answer if you have ever experienced either, you know that your voice and your personhood have been assaulted.

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