Does spiritual maturity reduce spiritual distress?

I’ve posted another blog over at the BTS faculty blog site musing whether spiritual maturity leads to less or more spiritual distress. See if you agree. Post here.


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4 responses to “Does spiritual maturity reduce spiritual distress?

  1. great post. the words that distress may increase with maturity ring tru!

  2. Dave Wiedis

    Great post Phil!!

    Dave Wiedis Executive Director ServingLeaders Ministries 610-517-0437 Sent from my iPhone


  3. Great post. Does it reduce stress??…no way. To mature, suffering has to come. Job was mature, but God allowed his circumstances to enter unbelievable suffering in order to work on his character. God mentioned Job’s name to Satan…he brought him up in the conversation. Later in your post you asked, “What does the peace of Christ look like?” It looks like a head on a pillow when the boat rocks in the storm, it is the amen in a prayer that was left to the Sprit’s groans, it is holding on to a floating object when the ship goes down, it is the waiting in Jerusalem for the Promise to come, it is the singing in prison, it is while wearing chains, it is an island of just knowing you are in the center of the will of God while all else around you works against your very breath…it is being in His hands when life hits hard. That is peace.

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