Bessel van der Kolk on curiousity

Watching Bessel van der Kolk’s live CE presentation on trauma and attachment from the comforts of a counseling office (far better than sitting in a hotel room since we can get up and go to the bathroom and make snarky comments from time to time).

He is focusing on neuroscience and the role of the body in trauma and trauma recovery. Here are a couple of tasty quotes:

  • trauma isn’t about what happened but how it lives in you now
  • the most important part of trauma recovery is self-regulation
  • If you can’t be curious about yourself, you can’t get better (speaking of curiosity of one’s body, how it reacts to trauma triggers; the capacity to observe in the here rather than live in the past).


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2 responses to “Bessel van der Kolk on curiousity

  1. This left me wanting to know more…I like BVK, its like a teaser…

  2. //how it lives in you now// Yes, it’s like Adler would have said. We are not trapped in our past, we are trapped in our future— in what we assume or predict about ourselves.

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