The Journal of Biblical Counseling is Back!

Those of you familiar with the wider field of Biblical Counseling and of the leading role played by the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation may be interested to know that they have re-launched their popular journal after being on hiatus since 2007. the Journal of Biblical Counseling (v. 26) is available for FREE here on their website. You can download individuals articles or the entire issue for free, OR…you can order a print version for a fee if you would rather touch the pages.

I would especially point readers to Mike Emlet’s helpful essay on psychoactive medications, Julie Lowe’s essay on counseling children, or any of the book reviews. All well worth your time!

It may not be free for long so take advantage of this resource.


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4 responses to “The Journal of Biblical Counseling is Back!

    • Janet Erickson

      i cannot say how blessed i was with the Journal of Biblical Counseling. Thanks you so much for giving us access to it.

  1. Judy Hanks

    I am most thankful they do this. What a wonderful blessing to use this tool freely.

  2. Thanks so much for posting the link to journal site! I’m a Psychology student and I’m planning to go into Biblical Counseling in the near future. I’m feeling less and less at home in a secular classroom, so any material on Christian counseling is quite refreshing! Thanks again.

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