Lies, sexual assault prosecution, and the truth

Don’t know if you have seen the news that former IMF chief Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, accused of sexually assaulting a chambermaid and ordered to house arrest while awaiting trial, has been freed from house arrest and it appears that the case against him is evaporating. Why? It appears that his defense team has done a good job in providing evidence that the chambermaid has a credibility problem. Lies on her asylum application, lies to the investigators as to what happened after she was assaulted (what she did next), and lies on her taxes. There may be other lies too.

But of course none of these lies are about that actual assault. It will be sad if (a) she did fabricate the assault, or (b) he did assault her but previous lies allows him to avoid being found guilty. While you and I do not know the truth, we do know that some of the evidence has not been explained (forensic evidence, his prior history of sexual harassment) away. But, due to the legal system values we protect the possibly guilty over the possibly abused. Better to let a guilty man go free than an innocent man be jailed. Note that the victim is not in this equation.

I do not know who is telling the truth. I do know that those who have means and power tend to be able to launch all out defenses and so destroy the credibility of victims so as to either make them appear to be lying or make it appear to be consensual. What I do know is that victims with checkered backgrounds probably receive little justice and that offenders with power or prestige are more likely to get off. What I also know is that one day, lies and truth will be revealed.


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3 responses to “Lies, sexual assault prosecution, and the truth

  1. D. Stevenson

    …and the victim with nothing but the “one day” both wrestles with and is comforted by that truth.

  2. Scott Knapp

    Sigh….now we have to elaborate a Christian response to the Casey Anthony jury decision! I’m seeing a lot of venom on Facebook right now!

    • D. Stevenson

      I read an interesting Maureen Dowd (?) opinion article about “what happens when a predator runs into a habitual liar” – Caused me to ponder other questions of justice. – How many people were harmed by her lies? Where is their justice? Maybe this was it? God’s judgment on Israel included the Assyrians leading them into captivity. I’ve heard the Assyrians hooked their captives together, literally. When we ask for justice, what is it we are asking? If we expect a righteous God to bring about justice against heinous crimes, why not for the deemed lesser crimes, our crimes?

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