Txts enhance a relationship?

Those who are close to me know that I don’t text. I don’t like to text. I’d rather talk to someone. But, having gotten my 13 year old his first cell phone so that we can find him…I’ve entered the world of texting.

I can see the many ways texting has hurt relationships. Imagine receiving a text that you are breaking up with a significant other. Or having a fight with texts. But I can now begin to see how texting makes connections where none would be. I’m in another state as I write this and have had several fun texts with my son back home. Things we would not have done, could not have done a few months ago.

I know I have to take the bad with the good with this form of technology. But, I’m enjoying the good right now.


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7 responses to “Txts enhance a relationship?

  1. Armando

    I agree that texting is a wonderful tool and like most of technology it is one more thing for a Godly parent to demonstrate wisdom with. A couple of things I have noticed about adolescents and texting.
    1 They tend to use it as a way to converse without having to interact. It is the next best thing to a one way conversation.
    2 There are the temptation to read emotional content into a text that the sender never intended thereby increases the chances for conflict.
    3 They get involved in multiple texting conversations to the extent that what is happening around them fades to black.
    Cell phones and texting are useful and fun. The Christian parent must monitor their teen’s emotional investment in this technology to teach them the wisdom in its use. If you place your child’s cell phone on the coffee table, have them sit on the couch and then have someone send them a text and that child gets nervous or worse aggressive then you may already have an attachment problem. Take it from a Dad who has lived through the experience, cell phones can be as addictive as cigarettes to the adolescent brain.

  2. brooke

    Hi Phil…here’s how I see it, my kids have had cell phones for a while; last four years my daughter is 18 and my son is 14….being a single mom; for us it is very handy and good to have. I hated to text also; I like the simple things in life and understand how some rlational platforms can hurt relationships more than help…however if I want to walk with my children through this life, I have to join them in this walk…technology is part of it whether I like it or not. For me, helping them with understanding my concerns with this kind of technology; I have placed limits on the phones, hours of use, how much they can use and to whom they can call, text…etc..I agree, my children and I have had some good fun with this platform…but this too needs “hemming in”.
    Hope you are well and also would like to know if you will ever do that webinar again with Diane…maybe another time I can listen in.


  3. Scott Knapp

    LMBO! Intrstng strng! I luv it! Ima trd of hvng to rd imcomplt wrds, trbl grmmr and “ghetto” tlk!

    I’m from the old school…I still text in complete, grammatically correct sentences, and I drive younger folks nuts!

  4. Hey there,
    I’m an undergrad in Psych, a christian, and i found your blog very helpful.
    thanks for your words of wisdom meshed with truth.

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