rape counseling programs?

I have the pleasure of serving the American Bible Society as a volunteer these days. They have launched the project, “She’s My Sister” to work to care for rape trauma victims in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries in the “Great Lakes” region of Africa. But unlike most projects that want to help the needy, a central feature of the project is to change you and I so that we together work to value women more and protect their dignity and lives.

As part of an advisory council for the ABS, I’m looking to find any rape or trauma recovery programs that are in use now in Africa. If you know of anyone who has (a) lived in the region of Central Africa, or (b) has worked in Africa and had to deal with traumas (genocide, war, rape, etc.) will you ask them if they know of ANY rape or trauma programs being used. They can be good or bad, Christian or non-christian, big or small.

The ABS has a good plan already but we are looking to make it even more successful and we especially want to know what does or doesn’t work.

Feel free to pass on names or contacts who could help us!


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9 responses to “rape counseling programs?

  1. Barb Boswell

    Phil, I wonder if Bayo may have some connections back in Nigeria? Just a thought.

  2. tamara white

    and I would love to know what you find as I am trying to start something very similar in Port au Prince, Haiti for women and girls of rape in tent cities. would love to collaborate.

  3. Tanya

    Dr Robi Sonderegger is using the empower trauma rehabilitation program in Northern Uganda.

    more details here http://www.thefrontline.org.au/empower.cfm

  4. Tanya

    Also, working with war affected youth in East Africa is my eventual goal (still in the psychology undergrad and beginner swahili phase 😉 I’d love it if you let me know about any resources or organizations that are operating in East Africa.

  5. Tanya

    I forgot to tell you about TraumaAid, based in Australia but operate in DR Congo.

  6. Julie

    Another resource that maybe helpful is http://www.womeninwarzones.org. Three 20-somethings from our Philadelphia area church went to the Congo several years ago and did a documentary on Sexual Violence in the Congo. The documentary is powerful! They may know of some good counseling resources for you.

  7. Liz Kalama

    Hey I am also interested in anything you maybe find regarding rape counseling in Eastern Africa – I have had the honor and privelege of working in both east and west Africa and this summer I will be in Uganda and I am hoping to gain further experience regarding trauma care in Uganda. I have a bachelors in psychology and a masters in social work and am hoping to apply this education to the needs of women and children in east Africa…

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