Additional information on the March 2011 sex trafficking and abuse conference at Biblical Seminary

I’ve mentioned the conference before here on this site. But here is additional information for those considering the conference in order to acquire either graduate academic or continuing education credit.


  • Conference dates: March 17-19
  • The conference is free for all attendees, only those who want CEs or grad credit will have to pay a fee
  • A PDF of the information below is available here: Please pass on to anyone who might be interested.

Continuing Education at Biblical Seminary

March 17-19, 2011

The Biblical Call: A Christian Response to Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse[i]

Mental health professionals and clergy interested in attending this seminar may be able to acquire 10 contact hours of continuing education by attending this conference. Biblical Seminary is an accredited graduate institution and thus is qualified as a pre-approved provider of continuing education in the form of graduate coursework by Pennsylvania’s State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors47-49.36) and Pennsylvania’s State Board Of Psychology41.59). (Attendees who wish to receive academic credit should follow directions in the footnote below.)

While Biblical Seminary provides verification of attendance and a transcript showing completion of the CE course, attendees are responsible to verify acceptance of these hours by their particular licensing boards prior to registering and paying for CEU credits.

The following information may be used to apply for approval to your licensing body.


Diane Langberg, PhD; Bethany Hoang, MDiv; Pearl Kim, JD; Robert Morrison, MBA; Philip G. Monroe, PsyD

Seminar Overview:

This conference continues the “Conversations on Christianity and Culture” series focusing on sexual violence and injustices in a variety of contexts: domestic and international settings and sexual abuse in Christian communities. Attendees will explore these issues from biblical, psychological, legal, and sociological perspectives. The conference will conclude with a focus on practical intervention and prevention strategies.


The conference is free for all attendees. Register here. Those who wish to receive CE credits will be charged $20.00 per CE unit (0-9 credits) or $180.00 for all 10 CE units. Attendees will be billed following the conference and certificate of attendance will be held until payment is received.

Educational Objectives:

  1. Become familiar with the psychological and sociological data regarding domestic and international trafficking phenomena and also sexual violence within Christian settings
  2. Describe common community and individual consequences resulting from these sexual traumas
  3. Consider biblical and theological factors relating to sexual violence
  4. Identify effective and practical interventions as well as preventative actions to treat and stop sexual slavery and sexual violence

Tentative Schedule:

Thursday, March 17

Speaker Title Time length
B. Hoang Biblical Call: Response to Violence (obj. 3) 1:15
D. Langberg Biblical Call: Global Violence against Women and Children (obj. 1-3) 1:15

Friday, March 18

Speaker Title Time length
B. Hoang International Human Trafficking (obj. 1) 1:15
D. Langberg Domestic Human Trafficking (obj. 1) 1:15
Breakout Sessions (choose two as each session is repeated; total length: 2:30)
B. Hoang Follow up from morning session (obj. 3) 1:15
D. Langberg Follow up from morning session (obj. 1-3) 1:15
P. Kim Spiritual Warfare and Criminal Prosecution (obj. 3) 1:15
R. Morrison Mobilizing all Christians in Effective Action Against Human Trafficking (obj. 4) 1:15

Saturday March 19

Speaker Title Time length
D. Langberg Sexual Abuse in Christian Organizations (obj. 1-4) 1:00
Panel (all speakers) Panel Discussion (obj. 1-4) 1:30

[i] This course is also available for one (1) academic credit. Credit students will be required to complete additional readings and coursework after the seminar. Those interested should view the course syllabus on our school’s website and complete a brief, online non-degree application. Cost for a one credit course is $447.

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