New information site for pastors and ministry leaders

I’m just beginning to build a new blog/info site for ministry leaders at: While I am building the site, I am looking for others to provide me links and information we can post there. I want it to contain free stuff and links to services that might be helpful for those in ministry who are feeling burned out.

This blog (Musings) will still be my main focus but I want to have a site that will be more attractive to pastors, missionaries, and their families.




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3 responses to “New information site for pastors and ministry leaders

  1. Karen

    Are you going to include anything like “signs of burnout” or how to know / what to do when you / your spouse are suffering from burn out? I haven’t seen a whole lot out there on that type of information. I know you don’t want people self-diagnosing, but maybe enough info so they would know if they need professional help or not? I think it’s great you are so concerned about this subject. So often pastors don’t have close friends to help them through and are likely far from family as well.

  2. Karen, great ideas. I do have a short completion test that evaluates compassion fatigue. It was first designed for NGOs but I have been using it with pastors. Seems to be helpful. I’ll send you a copy.

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