Your opportunity to help asylum seekers

For my licensed mental health readers, you might be interested in checking out Physicians For Human Rights (PHR) an organization that helps asylum seekers get proper evaluation as part of determining their application for asylum. PHR has an “Asylum Network” that you can join for free and be contacted if there is a case in your area. These are usually pro bono cases. PHR also provides an extensive guide for those doing psychological evaluations of torture and/or persecution on the website. If you are looking for something exciting to do, I would think this would be a good choice–an opportunity to immerse yourself in another’s world and to care for the “alien” among us in obedience to God. My friend who does this says that you are not required to take cases offered to you and that you determine how many cases you might want to do in a year’s time.

Check them out! I plan to join.

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