Going on a retreat today with my students this weekend. Sadly, it will be a beautiful spot but rainy and cold. Could be worse, it could snow…

Retreats are to be a time away and a time to reflect. But usually retreats are filled with sounds, with information, with relating. All good, but I’m not sure that many retreats really give people too much time to reflect.

We’ve given our students down time and reflection time in the midst of some group teaching. Of course, they can choose to use it to do homework or social things–both worthwhile–but those activities might not build reflection…

I’d be curious what any of you have done on a retreat (with other people–not a silent retreat) that was really helpful in getting you to reflect on your life. What worked for you? What didn’t work?


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2 responses to “Retreats

  1. White Horses

    I love listening to motivating messages at retreats that will inspire me to go deeper and deeper in my knowledge of God, but I also love breaking up into groups with others. Sometimes if you are in a group with people you don’t even know well, you can let your guard down more and share your issues because you are less worried about what they will think. I also think small groups are a great place for people to encourage one another, share experiences about how they may have gotten through a difficult time, and pray for one another. Discussion questions for small groups are also great because the cause people to reflect and really think about things and hopefully, what God wants.

  2. (another)Ryan

    I think that introspective and thoughtful people will create time to reflect on, and apply principles learned. If I am not given time to reflect during retreats, conferences and such, I stay up as late as I need in order to get it.

    I believe that to reflection cannot be forced, it has to be pursued. Some will, others will not.

    I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for your thoughtful and diligent work.

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