credentialing rant

Having spent most of yesterday trying to complete an on-line application to become an authorized, in-network provider for an insurance company, I’m fighting to remember why I started down this path.

Yes, I absolutely know it benefits clients in that they do not have to pay my entire fee out of pocket and only hope to get some money back later (if they have an out-of-network benefit). They merely have to pay a co-pay and so counseling is an affordable option.

But, being a selfish individual I’m thinking mostly about my own interests at this moment. Let me count the ways this process irritates me:

1. Collecting all my old information (addresses for pre and post docs and all education back to undergrad). Don’t they know that happened eons ago?

2. Repetitive entries. I think I entered my fax number at least 20 times.

3. Tax ids, SS ids, NPIs, etc. Numbers to find and enter correctly. I’m ready for the iris scan and probe now. My underwear size is…

4. And the real irritation is…(the previous ones really aren’t the issue as the on-line application wasn’t so bad–just time consuming)…I know that if I’m approved I get the following welcome gifts

    • Reduced income per hour
    • Delayed income (improperly rejected claims, delayed claims, claims sent to the wrong address, etc.)
    • More paperwork to fill out to beg for sessions

Whine, whine, whine. It’s all about me. So much for caring for my clients’ best interests…

Okay. I’m better now. This is a good thing and one bonus is the company collecting the information will bank it so that I can use it in the future for other insurance companies should I so choose.


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8 responses to “credentialing rant

  1. Jess

    I dislike those kinds of situations, too. They tend to make me think of Genesis 3: 17 – 19.

    You get kudos from me for trying to make things easier for your clients in tough economic times!

  2. Lou Buses

    You could give your counseling for free and avoid the insurance paperwork.

    • I could. You could also say that pastors might preach for free and seminary professors might teach for free. They don’t because they too need to make a living.

      • Lou Buses

        I didn’t mean to sound “righteous”, but Paul made tents and preached and taught for free. I have thought of seeking a paid pastorate, but I have not. It is obvious from the scripture that God intends for some of His servants to be compensated for their work; there is honor in this.

      • Lou, I may have been over-sensitive here. I have, unfortunately, had many a folk who think that christians ought not charge for counseling. Yes, Paul was a tent-maker and I do know that is a possibility. But never does the Scriptures decry direct compensation for services provided. And anyway, I don’t know how to make tents 🙂

  3. Lou Buses

    Forgive me. My first comment was thoughtless.
    Your servant in Christ.

  4. Carmella

    This is the common problem with working with insurance companies, huh?? I am glad that you weighed out the inconvenience it puts you through (who likes all that extra stuff??) versus the benefit to clients. I think we do the ‘necessary evil’ of insurances because it helps the client.

    Great rant/process.

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