Violating space

I’m not talking about space junk or the old star wars politics of the Reagan era. Rather, I’m thinking about how particular actions violate our sense of space and normalcy. One person’s actions may not actually harm our personhood and yet we feel harmed by it, changed by it. For example, a break-in at a neighbor’s house violates our sense of safety and protection. Crime happens here and not at some other location.

My 9 year old came home this week talking about the big news at his school. Some kids found used condoms on the playground. In discussing what was found and what it meant, it was clear they were bothered by the fact that someone had been having sex on their ball field. The very idea grossed them out.

We can hurt for the individuals who chose to have sex in a public setting. Likely it was not something that was wise or meaningful or right. But, sin has a way of impacting others and causing harm that wasn’t imagined by the perpetrators. Let us remember that as we are tempted to engage in secret self-indulgences (gossip, petty thefts, bitter words said in private, etc.)


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3 responses to “Violating space

  1. What’s with the used condoms on the playground? They found the same in my neighborhood park. Blech. (And not an easy thing to explain to 7-year olds!!)

  2. As much as part of me hates to admit this, I’m really coming to believe that there is no such thing as a “victim-less” sin. I wish I could say sin only affected “me” or “them”. But it doesn’t. Everytime we sin, we in some way inflict pain on others. Sin has a way of entangling every aspect of our lives.

    As for finding the condoms….ewwww.

  3. Amy

    Ewww…that happened to me before. So gross. I remember getting out of school one day and there were condoms all over the front steps. It turned out the 8th graders had sex-ed…


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