Read any good books on evil?

Have a new writing assignment on the theology of evil in sexual abuse. I’m to think theologically about this particular kind of evil. So, I want to do some reading. Any books you might recommend that discuss evil (outside of the usual ones describing the damage done by sexual abuse)?

I’ll start with NT Wright’s “Evil and the Justice of God” book, but other recommendations might be helpful as well.


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7 responses to “Read any good books on evil?

  1. Jess

    “The Problem of Pain” has chapters on “Human Wickedness” and “The Fall of Man.” It’s been years since I read it, so I can’t speak to how relevant it might be to your particular writing assignment. Hard to go wrong with Lewis, though…

  2. I would recommend “Seeing the Unseen” by Joe Beam. It may not cover the sexual abuse issue, but this book has allowed me to understand “the battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of the unknown world.”

  3. I haven’t personally read this, but I’ve heard good things about “Satan and the Problem of Evil” by Greg Boyd. I’ve read a lot of his books and enjoy them. He usually brings a unique perspective to the issues.

    He’s actually written a couple of books on the topic and you can get a better feel for them

  4. presbyteraanonyma

    Scott Peck’s People of the Lie– also not about sexual abuse as such, nor really theological, but quite fascinating

  5. airhole

    What helped me understand ‘evil’ in what I believe to be in God’s lens, is Rick Joyner’s There Are Two Trees In the Garden.

    Let me know how u found it, if you decided to read it. thanks!

  6. Mary

    I second the nomination for People of the Lie, by MScott Peck.

  7. Crista

    Bold Love is a book that could be helpful for this topic by Dan B. Allender & Tremper Longman III talks about the difference between an evil person, a fool, and a normal sinner.

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