Personality and your soul language?

I’ve noticed that personality seems to play a significant part of helping us choose our music, our favorite writers, even our theology. Now, this is not to say that we do not have any cognitive processes involved nor that the Spirit doesn’t speak to us regardless of our personality features but consider these T/F questions:

1. I take comfort in repeating the ancient statements of faith or Lord’s prayer?

2. I take comfort in music, psalms, and other forms of writing that focus on the mystery and unknowability of God

3. I want to know the bottom line about truth.

4. I love ambiguity.

5. I love the praise and victory songs.

6. I love the dark songs that relate to the hardships of life.

Now, I suspect you might change your answers based on life experiences but some really have a habit of hanging out in one area or another. How about you?

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