Like a kid in a candy shop

I got two books in the last week that are like candy for me:

1. A Year with CS Lewis (Zondervan). My friend John Freeman gave it to me as a gift. Daily readings from Lewis. Can’t wait to get started on it.

2. Clinical Supervision: A competency-based approach. Yes, really, I’m excited by this. Saw a copy at my friend Mike Emlet’s office and had to get my own. This book has great assessments for both supervisees and supervisors. One of the most important parts of counseling training is the supervision. And many times it is the weakest since many do not know how to supervise well. I’m hoping to get some good ideas from this to help our students make the most out of their internships.

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One response to “Like a kid in a candy shop

  1. Amy

    I love Mike Emlet! I was just thinking of his “OCD” class this morning and thought what a tender and wonderful person he is! 🙂

    C.S. Lewis–one of my faves! Sadly, we didn’t really read much of him at Biblical when I was there back in the old days. 🙂

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