Study the Bible at Biblical for the fun of it!

Now there’s a concept: Biblical Seminary offering bible classes for anyone in the surrounding area.

Actually, we’re resurrecting a very popular past-time here at the seminary. In the olden days, seminarians went to school during the day. So, some teachers here decided to offer lay bible classes for the public in the evening. When we switched to night courses for our grad students, these courses disappeared.

But now, you can take a course on either (or both!) the Old Testament or the New Testament. Have you wanted to study the bible a bit deeper but didn’t want to do the homework? Have you ever wanted grad level bible education but didn’t finish your undergraduate degree? Have you wanted a place to get the benefit of top-notch bible teachers but couldn’t commit to a whole semester? Well, now is your chance for a 6 week bible class on Thursday nights in both fall and Spring for the minuscule fee of $79.!! Follow this link for the PDF with details as to when and where.


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2 responses to “Study the Bible at Biblical for the fun of it!

  1. Amy

    Wayne Davidson does an amazing job of presenting the New Testament. I think everyone should take the class. Heck, I want to take the class again!

    Gary Schnittjer did Old Testament for me. He was great…but I’m sure Shannon Lamb is just as good! Are there any poor professors at Biblical? NO!

  2. The great thing about bible studies is the choice. If you don’t like what you are learning, you can just go to another denomination and get a completly different interpretation.

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