Sox game

My wife and I were given a wonderful gift of Red Sox/Phillies tickets for today’s game. Had great seats and enjoyed most of it since the Red Sox won–even without 3 of their biggest stars in the lineup. The weather held and wasn’t too hot. It was nice to enjoy it kidless as well!

A couple of observations. People drink WAAAY too much. We were surrounded by 20 somethings who pounded the beer. 6, 7, 8 beers (each costing $6.50). No wonder they had to get up after every half inning to pee. Second, Philly fans weren’t too nice to us but they could have been much worse given the history of the Philly mean-spirited fan. Choice words were said about Boston and Boston fans but none directly to our face. I did worry given the amount of alcohol consumed. Finally, the park has quite a nice feel and I’m not sure their is a bad seat in the house. Lastly, the Phillies fans really booed JD Drew. Didn’t help as he was 4 for 5 with a 3 run homer.  


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3 responses to “Sox game

  1. I was blessed enough to be in attendance for Monday’s game, and had much the same thoughts you did. Glad you got to see them win.

  2. Scott Knapp, MS

    I live near Toledo, Ohio. The Toledo Mudhens (farm team for the Detroit Tigers) have about the nicest minor league stadium in the nation these days. And the fans in Toledo are among the most friendly and supportive lot one can find in any league…they just love a good baseball game. The Mudhens came to more national prominence years ago when Cpl. Max Klinger (actor and Toledo native Jaime Farr) began wearing Mudhens jerseys on the show M*A*S*H, and he was always talking up one of Toledo’s most famous restaurants, Tony Paco’s. Don’t get me wrong…I purposefully moved into a suburb in a completely different county, because Toledo government is just like Philly’s…corrupt! and Lucas County, Ohio is no better. But as for baseball, it’s tough to beat the Mudhens’ fans…everybody has a good time at a Mudhens game, even the rival fans!

  3. Scott, Minor league ball can be quite a blast. I’ve been to a couple of different parks and had a great experience even though I didn’t care much about the either set of teams.

    Baldwin’sgirl, were you surprised at how many Sox fans were in attendance. Maybe they are merely fairweather fans, but there were tons on Wednesday. Nice rose photos by the way. Equisite. I’ll have to get in to see Morris Arb. one of these days…

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