Pastor revealed

Probably several of you guessed it. The wonderful preacher with mental health issues is…..

Charles Spurgeon. Want to read more of his thoughts, pick up any one of his good books or check out this one from Amazon that weaves together his thoughts on despair, anxiety, and other dark nights of the soul.


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2 responses to “Pastor revealed

  1. judi lemay-lusk

    ya know… i find it rather comforting that someone like spurgeon, who is revered and respected by so very many people, was just a regular person with his own foibles and problems. i guess that’s what comes from putting ‘spiritual giants’ on a pedestal they shouldn’t be on. but for those of us who struggle with ‘is this stuff really true?’; ‘am i really a christian?’; ‘how come i’m not like that person?’, it helps a lot to hear that some ‘big name’ people (i hate to use that term but i’m sort of stuck on anything else right now) have mental health issues.
    thanks for ending the suspense!

  2. Amy

    I’m going to pick up that book. I really, really like Henri Nouwen, too. 🙂

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