Signs of Spring at my House

One year ago, we had an ice storm that crushed my greenhouse. I’m itching to rebuild it (already made the skeleton of it out of PVC with my father). But I’m going to wait up bit longer. Until then, I’m looking for the signs of Spring, such as…


Meanwhile, my parents still have this (or most of this…) to contend with:



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6 responses to “Signs of Spring at my House

  1. Lana

    My son observed our first flowers last week (sam eas yours) and dragged me outside to enjoy it’s beauty. Then my youngest daughter picked our first flower this past weekend for me – which was put in a vase, chewed on by one of our kittens, and then died. I picked our first daffodil yesterday and gave it to her – she was delighted.

  2. Daffodils? I have eastern exposure and so mine have yet to flower. Have you noticed some people have yard fulls of the light purple crocus (is the plural of crocus, crocii?). I wonder how they spread and mine don’t.

  3. Lynn

    Hi, stumbled upon your blog sometime back and have been reading your entries on anxiety, depression, etc. It’s comforting to know I’m not any more of a sinner because I’m depressed, etc. I had an awful week and was just feeling really low when I saw the lovely picture of the daffodils on my screen. For a few seconds, I actually thought to myself that maybe my winter-days may soon be over. Thank you for allowing me to live those few seconds in hope for better days to come.

  4. Lynn

    And I meant, picture of the “spring flowers”, not daffodils. Crocus. Never mind.

  5. Lynn,

    Lurkers are welcome. May you find warmer days soon!

  6. Ron

    Probably “crocuses”, but I like “croci” myself. “Crocii” would only work (I believe) if an individual instance was a “crocius”, analogous to “radius”. 🙂

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