What defines you? Ashes or Stones of Remembrance?

The Israelites were told to pile up stones as a reminder to their children that the Lord had done an amazing work. These stone of remembrance provide a reminder during hard times that God is near and active. Sometimes we also have the reverse: ashes. Ashes that remind us of a painful time, a failure, a grief/loss, a violent moment. It is easier to see the ashes and allow those ashes to completely define us.

A friend of mine told me of a “Dr. Phil” episode where he was talking to a woman who has lost her daughter at 18 and had never recovered despite many years passing. He asked her whether she would only define her life by her daughter’s death-thereby implicitly denying the 18 years of her life. Pretty good for Dr. Phil.

Without taking more than 20 seconds to think of the answer, what “stone” or “ash” do you most easily use to define your life?

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One response to “What defines you? Ashes or Stones of Remembrance?

  1. I was tracking with you until you mentioned Dr. Phil McGraw. I never really liked him, but then he went over the edge getting his name into the Britney Spears meltdown.

    In my 20 seconds, I decided I have rocks in one hand and ashes in the other–my problem is knowing how to accurately apply them both to my life to move on and glorify God.

    Thanks for giving me something to mull over. 🙂

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