Good questions when dealing with counseling crises

I’m doing a training with a local counseling center today about dealing with chronic crises and short-term crises. I have a list of questions I think we outpatient counselors ought to ask ourselves in order to keep from missing key helps for those we serve:

1. What supports (family, professional, church) really exist? Which of these are stressors?
2. Am I the primary or only provider? Why? What do I need to do to eliminate this problem?
3. Have I expressly recommend/required other team members. Have I communicated with those already on the team (assuming releases to do so)
4. Have I sought supervision?
5. What course of treatment might this person receive at another center? What is my rationale for why I am or am not following that course?
6.  What plans have I devised, with the client’s cooperation, to implement during the crises? Am I responding to motivation breaches
7. What impediments exist that block optimal functioning? What impediments hinder counseling?
8. Do my goals reflect the need to address impediments first? Have I triaged goals and objectives?
9. Do my feelings for the client hinder my ability to care for them well? Would I treat a new client differently?

These are not all of the questions I think we should ask, but these may help us focus our attention on important matters that have escaped our notice.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I found it very helpful. I am currently going to school to become a crises counselor. Good luck, and again thank you.


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