When you just can’t wait for something

How long has it been since you found yourself unable to wait for tomorrow to come? As kids, we counted the days to Christmas, to the end of the school year (now those of us who are parents count the days until they go back). I got to thinking about this as I watched my son last night. We got home late and it was time for bed. But he had gotten a CD from a friend and he really wanted to listen to it. It was hard for him to accept that since some people were already sleeping, he couldn’t listen to the CD until morning. Fast forward to 6 am this morning when I’m telling him to wait a bit longer before playing it. It was all he could do to wait. He could think of nothing else until he played it.

When was the last time you felt the same way about meeting with God, reading his Word, getting to heaven? If kingdom members are to be like children, then do we remind ourselves that Christmas (heaven) is just around the corner. Do we meditate on this fact and keep it fresh in our minds? While my longing for heaven has increased with age, I must admit I don’t often jump for joy on Sunday mornings or just before bible readings. I spend far too much time meditating about the next deadline, the next project, the next problem to solve.

Lord, help me meditate on better things.

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