Science Monday: The ethics of working with those who want to change their sexual orientation

Last class of the school year! Excitement is in the air for both teacher and student. Tonights Ethics class adddresses the matter of counseling those who are different (sexual and religious). Since I have little time before class I want to mention an article worth reading. Mark Yarhouse and a colleague have written a 2002 article in the journal, Psychotherapy (39:1, 66-75), on the topic of the ethics of doing or not doing reorientation therapies. The larger psychology community has come out against such therapies despite some data that say it is successful for some. Mark argues for the right of self-determination as a guiding principle. Check it out if you are interested. Article is entitled: Ethical issues in attempts to ban reorientation therapies.


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2 responses to “Science Monday: The ethics of working with those who want to change their sexual orientation

  1. Richard

    As a result of my Schitzo effective disorder I feel all avenues of prayer are exuasted. I am returning to the life style I had before I was married. Satanism. Although it is not a cure all for my condition it gives me peace of mind, concentration and most of all restraint. I now have a sense of control over a situation governed by a macho Diety. But my wife is a Christian and I love her. I do not want this to effect her but now her faith suffers as a result of God’s miserable failure to intervene. No longer will I make excuses for him. Neither he nor Jesus knows torment until you deal with a disorder like mine that is not self inflicted. I was the seed dropped among the thorns by the stupid careless farmer ( creator of all things good and bad). There is nothing in this universe that can compare with my anger towards God. Would love to share my story for possible theological reference. I will NOT repent until he does. I dont have to twist his words. Need someone to vent to. I do not blame you if you are afraid of God or if you have been richly blessed. Fear no longer dictates my actions. If you choose not to answer I will understand. Why should you be any different ?

  2. Richard, Not sure why you posted your comment on this post as it doesn’t seem to relate. Glad you feel comfortable posting here.

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