Going blind from insight!

Just came from the eye doctor this am. They dilated my eyes to look at my stretched retina (I’m blind as a bat). So, now lights of any kind are piercing my eyes. They gave me those wrap around sunglasses to help but vanity suggests not wearing them. Got me thinking about how too much insight at any time can produce the same pain. Sure, we counselors look to build insight in our clients. They, in turn, want to know the whys and the wherefores. But more isn’t necessarily better. I once videotaped a 15 year old boy with an Aspergers diagnosis to give him feedback on his social skills. We had been working on role-playing socially appropriate behaviors with peers. When he saw himself, he disintegrated before my eyes into a little ball. I had to do a lot of work to rebuild trust and help him recover. Too much insight at one time.

Thankfully, the Lord doesn’t overwhelm us with insight into just how sinful we really are. He graciously allows us to grow over time and reveals his grace in ever increasing measure so that our awe of Him grows as we gain personal insight

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