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“Criminal Hysteria”: Should we stalk online predators?

Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer (Currents section) had an editorial by Mark Bowden about those who lure men via cyberspace into seeking sexual liasons with underage young women.  He believes that if you offer anything on the internet, someone, somewhere will be the sucker for it–even if it is completely outrageous and not plausible in the real world. He suggests that programs like “To catch a Predator” on NBC or other task forces (mentioned in the article) that lure men to have sex with mothers and their young children are only culling out the most idiotic of our nation–those unlikely to ever succeed in such a liason in the real world. He wonders if these programs only play on the dark thoughts that everyone has and uses media to enhance those desires that would likely never have risen to the place of an act without the anonymity of the internet. “Dangle temptation before a large enough crowd, and a few would-be sinners will step forward….New flash: There is evil in the souls of men.”

So, do these programs and the trolling efforts by police snag dangerous people or merely the foolish? Bowden seems to be suggesting that this is a fad born out of hysteria, just like the 1980s and the Satanic Ritual Abuse fad. Well, much of the SRA was hype and hysteria (not all though), but our data on child abuse and the impact of child porn is not hysteria. There are real numbers on child abuse. When 1:3 women (and 1:4 or 5 men) report unwanted sexual contact before age 18…

But, maybe we ought to have a go at trying to prosecute portals and sites that allow porn. Maybe we can learn something from China. They eliminate all sites that speak ill of the government. Even Google filters their Chinese search engine. If only Yahoo, Google, MSN, and AOL took the problem of porn and sex-filled chat rooms seriously what would become of the world? That is what it will take: individuals who want to spend their life erradicating the internet version of polio.


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Science Monday: is the APA afraid of internet porn?

This week my students are exploring the world of addiction. In prep for class, I did a little search on PsychARTICLES regarding Internet over-usage/addiction and pornography usage. PsychARTICLES contains a full-text database of 60 APA peer-reviewed journals from the 1870s to the present. As of February 2007, it contained 121,000 articles. Here’s what I found. NOTHING. Continue reading


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