I officially began my 2nd sabbatical yesterday. Unofficially, I’ll start Wednesday afternoon as I work to clear my desk of its clutter. Of course I’m excited about doing some different things between now and January (book proposal, small writing projects, exploring pastoral renewal, numerous speaking engagements) but I’m also nervous. You see, if you change your schedule and or structures, it can be hard to adapt. But I’ll struggle on ūüôā

I suspect I’ll be making only 2 or 3 posts per week during this time, but I hope to stay connected here and to share some of my learnings with you all.

Just so you know, sabbatical does not mean vacation. It means an opportunity to do some new things that should ultimately strengthen my teaching counseling when I return to the classroom. It is a quaint idea that few get an opportunity to experience. But for those teachers/pastors out there who rely on keeping fresh and up-to-date on current thinking, it is essential. Otherwise we merely recycle old learnings that have less and less value each passing year. 

Sound like I’m defensive about this wonderful opportunity? Nope. Just tired of explaining that a sabbatical isn’t really restful. Not that I’m complaining…

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  1. judi

    having seen several people on sabbatical, i can agree with you that it is not a vacation! i hope that this time will be very productive for you.

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