Summer reading, II

Just got Children of Hurin from the library and have 6 days to read it. Not that it will take me that long. So far, it doesn’t move me like LOTR or the Hobbit, but didn’t really expect it to either. Some nice color drawings throughout.

My wife is waiting anxiously for the last Potter book. Haven’t read a one of them and don’t plan to start. Just never got into it.


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2 responses to “Summer reading, II

  1. Rick

    Phil: I think you’d like the Potter books. I started reading them (and listening to them in the car) several years ago, at first skeptically, but now I’m hooked. Rowling portrays her characters very well, especially as the series progresses and the younger characters grow and struggle through adolescence.

    But if your wife can’t convince you to read them, I sure can’t!

  2. I probably would. My reasons for not are (a) it requires too much commitment, (b) they are popular so I resist, and (c) I’m not a huge fan of fantasy. However, I think the last is less of an issue since the stories are much more about the human characters than their magical powers.

    I’m sure I’ll cave at some point.

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